Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Misunderstood ain't gotta be explained/ but you don't understand me so let me explain/ stood in the heat/ the flame the snow/ please slow down hurricane/ the wind blow/ my dreads swing/ he had hair like wool/ like rain/ dropping ashes in the bible/ I shake them out and they fall on the rifle/ scary. Hail Mary no tale fairy/ all real very/ extraordinary/ perry mason face it/ the barrel if the tattle/ my god is my judge/ no gown, no gavel/ behind a rabble/ down to battle/ now or never/ i would never in the ever/ fucking fantastic/ fuck if you agree/ i'm bright but I don't give a fuck/ if you see me"

I think this is my favorite Wayne verse ever. I dunno if it beats "Oh No" or not, but it's definitely my favorite on the Carter III. I kinda like all the rambling that comes later, but it's cool he buries this shit in a 9 minute track, not even a song, at the end of the album. I like Fab's shit about pasta and pimp my ride and stuff, and I still love Lollipop, but this is a great moment of apocalyptic imagery that's gonna stick around in the same corner of my brain as "cell therapy" or the patter of Delia's feet. I like "Georgia Bush" but I think this goes a lot deeper than just the obvious anger at the government or "Get Your Hustle On."