Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I took a road trip to Detroit this last weekend. It was a fun drive, you go over the Appalachian mountains and then these hills, and then you round this one corner, and suddenly the landscape is flat for as far as you can see. It's nuts. I opened the window to let some breeze in and all this wind was flying around in the van.
Yeah, Detroit is cool. I can't really say nothing much about it, cause I was a total tourist and didn't see much of the city. We drove into Grosse Pointe to get some pancakes though, and it's true about how you cross one road, that later becomes 8 Mile Road, and how all of a sudden it goes from boarded up stores and general dilipidation to English Manor-type houses on the side of the lake and stuff in no time flat. It's a little disconcerting. The pancakes in Grosse Pointe were good though. We also drove past the old lion stadium, and it just looked like some boarded up old movie theater on Main Street or something. It looks like they left it there, no as a monument, but just because nobody bothered to tear it down. There was this parking lot next to it that was covered with little tufts of grass. It was actually kind of cool.

Last episode of the Sopranos didn't piss me off too much, but they should've gone ahead and let something happen. I always figured they were putting off a big confrontation happening just cause they wanted to drag the show out, but I guess the show was actually always just about all the day-to-day bullshit rather than the traditional old Gangster Story Arc. I like that Dylan song AJ was listening to before his SUV burned up. Dylan is so hit or miss, I never got as into him as I always knew I should. I figured out the song is called "It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)", so I went out and bought the album. It's a whole lot better than Blonde on Blonde or Highway 61, I honestly don't know what's so great about that stuff. I have one of those live recordings I like a lot, and I always like Nashville Skyline and Freewheelin', but that was it. Liked the book too. Anyway, this album's good, maybe I'll get back to exploring all that. I'm rereading the book now, and that is some great subway reading, especially on the way home from work. Reading him write about New York in the 60s reminds me of before I ever lived here when my Dad would talk about coming here as a kid from St. Louis and staying in the Bronx every summer. This place looks a lot different once you get used to it, but the rest of the world also looks different once you get used to this place.