Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rodney Atkins is one of those country singers who hits his stride
doing sentimental ballads and inspirational shit. I saw Toby Keith
last weekend with my brother and he's the other kind, who only is
really good at bawdry humor and songs about drinking, but can't sing
with any gravity. Big & Rich was actually able to do both of those
alright on Horse of a Different Color, but that's a different story.
Anyway, Rodney Atkins album "If You're Going Through Hell" isn't
really worth buying, but the last two songs, "Angel's Hands" and the
title track are totally awesome. They're worth a couple bucks on
iTunes at least. This is the type of shit that makes country music
great for driving around to, cause they take on such heavy themes and
make it all so digestible and are able to tie all the loose edges in
their songs. Country music is even more of an industry than rap, with
so many really talented session musicians and songwriters constantly
churning stuff out in Nashville that you can just skim the surface and
actually hear good stuff as long as you're able to put aside whatever
reservations you've got about hearing people talk about god and stuff
in music.

I'm pulling for Shamrock, but I'm actually amazed that I also kind of
like John Brown.