Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Went to see Ghostface last night. It was a kind of weird show cause Ghostface was actually opening up for Spankrock, but Spank came out first so I thought maybe it was the other way around, but then he came back out after Ghostface. Anyway, Ghost fills up a stage better, running around with a big glass jug of something mixed with Orange Juice and a bunch of dudes on stage. He only did a few songs, and then Rza came out and they dide "Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nothin to Fuck With." After that Spank got a bunch of people to get up on stage and bump and grind - one girl sat on his face for a bit, and it was hard to find him in all that. Shoulda just left after Ghostface

There was this chick there called Roxy Cottontail who raps like Blondie in that one song. She would've been a pretty good white rapper show contestant. Jon Brown also showed up for 2 seconds. When I saw him at the White Rapper Show Wrap Party people took a few minutes to start booing him, but here it was more like Dick Cheney at Yankee Stadium. I felt a bit bad for him, cause he did better at this show. Lil' Mamma also came out, and she was a lot of fun. She did a verse on that "Show Me What You Got Beat" that was kind of blah, but maybe just cause I can't stand that beat. After that she did some accapella thing that won the crowd over more and she did the Lip Gloss song and that was it.

A couple weeks ago I went to my sister's prom. It was the same high school as mine, 7 years later, and it was a trip to see a prom from the outside looking in. It was kind of fun to look around and guess who I would've been friends with, but I liked everybody I met and it was actually fun to be around all these fresh faced kids. I talked trash and joked around for a minute with someone's dad who was dealing blackjack at an after prom party and he actually thought I was one of the High School kids. He was like "Be careful driving home - I mean it." Maybe he thought I was drunk. Stuff like that pissed me off all the time back then but here I didn't mind at all. I was a bit jealous cause they had their prom at Raven Stadium instead of some generic prom room outside DC, and they even played a little club music. The DJ also played that Kelly Clarkson song about getting abused as a kid and people slow danced to it, which was kind of awkward. DJ also played Fatboy Slim, for some dumb reason. The floor emptied out and he played "Baby Got Back," and I was the only one who knew all the words.


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