Saturday, May 19, 2007

My bro posted a thing about Dan Deacon and mentioned that I hate him. Just to set the record straight, I obviously don't hate him personally. I even said Hi to him a couple times when we both lived in the CopyCat. For what it's worth, here's a story I did for the City Paper about a show where he opened for Grand Buffet. I also don't hate MICA kids - some of them were pretty good roomates, especially the one who would give me cheese on discount from Whole Foods.

I saw Devin the Dude last night. He put on a really good show, up on stage by himself and doing all these little turntable noises and singing a little bit. I just started getting into this guy, so I'm glad I caught this show. He's I guess this warmly eccentric rapper from Houston who is I guess has been around for a while and worked with big names but never busted out himself. He doesn't seem to mind though.


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