Monday, October 09, 2006

I don't buy a lot of mixtapes, mostly cause all the guys who I've met that sell them here in Baltimore seem to think I'm a cop. That tends to piss me off, so I stop asking, but there's a guy in New York I've been to a couple times who always has a bunch of new stuff. A couple weeks ago I was up that way seeing about a job so I bought some tapes.

Young Buck and DJ Whoo Kid have this tape called the Chronic 2006, which is hosted by Jamie Foxx for some dumb reason. I think Buck has an album coming out before long so it makes sense that most of this is pretty blauugh. Even so, this guy is my favorite dude still rapping in G-Unit, and there's a couple songs that don't stick with you. "Don't Make Me Hurt You" and "Return of the Project Nigga" both have this epic menacing slick and thick sound, which is exactly the way Young Buck raps so it sounds great. They both have gun sound effects worked into the beat and they both do this thing where the song starts over again and repeats itself verbatim on some Telletobby shit. The first one starts over after about 30 seconds, but in Return it's almost just the same song twice in a row. It doesn't matter much, cause the shit is pretty much in one ear and out the other, so I guess they figure when they find something good they might as well just loop it. "In traffic we smokin/ sunroof closed/ hos pullin up like/ 'Oh, there he go!'"