Saturday, February 25, 2006

The music in Walking Tall, the Rock movie about a dude from special forces coming home and becoming a sherrif to run the casino out of his hometown, is pretty good. Lots of atmospheric bluesy riffs as ambient music plus there was a Johnny Cash song thrown in there. If I remember, the Rundown also had pretty decent music and there was a Johnny Cash song in that one too. Does the Rock pick the music for his movies, or is this a coincidence? Maybe I should rent the Mummy 3 and see if they managed to stick "I'm Going to Memphis" or "One Piece at a Time" in there, but I don't know where it would fit. Ditto for Doom.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

What's up? All you paparrazi out there, I'm gonna be at the Ottobar on saturday for the Grand Buffet show so bring your zoom lenses.

I watched A Dirty Shame and it kind of sucked but I like the way it became a zombie movie for a minute. Speaking of which, I don't really read comic books but there's this series called the Walking Dead. About zombies and it's great.

I was driving my car the other day and some 78 year old lawyer was slowly walking up beside me. He was in my blind spot so I totally merged into him and it put him in a critical condition. I was like "Dude, you got to announce your presence."

That was a lie, but this here is a true story: I was in some bar in Federal Hill Friday night and this bouncer came up and wanted to kick me out because all of a sudden I was apparently violating the dress code. As I go over and say goodbye to my friends I'm taking my sweet time about it, but I was leaving. One of the three bouncers in the meantime started tugging on my arm, so I pulled my arm away, and all three bouncers reacted like I had smacked somebody. They tackled the shit out of me right in the middle of the dance floor and then told me to calm down. I know I don't have to tell ya'll that that shit ain't kosher. I don't really like Federal Hill much.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Misery Index at the Ottobar tonight, awwww yeah.

Watching the Grammys and getting annoyed cause they give the wrong people awards is like watching the State of the Union and being pissed off that George Bush is still a republican.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I saw my friends Pontiak play at Iota in Arlington last night. My buddies play some riffed out swampy rock that always makes the band they open for sound ass backwards. This time it was Red Wanting Blue, some band from Ohio, where apparently the only CD in the record store is Pearl Jam. The singer kept doing this thing where on the big "aaaahhhh" notes, which came really often, he would open his mouth and his eyes really big. It kinda made him look like somebody had dropped a piano on his toe or something. I should say though that the guys in the band were really nice dudes.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Made it up to NYC and caught the Rub with A Track on saturday. I had a good time, music was pretty good. I think it got progressively better as I remembered less and less though. At some point I asked Ayres to play some Baltimore Club, and he responded that this was a Brooklyn Hip Hop Party. I don't know why I request a song every time I see a DJ, considering they almost never play what I ask them to and then I get pissed when they say no. They were playing some when I was leaving, so I guess somebody didn't get the memo.

Cat Power album is good. Gretchen Wilson album All Jacked Up is spotty but great.