Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm glad I don't have an odometer on me. I've been going back and forth between Bmore and NYC so much lately that I think I've been spending more time on the turnpike than at either place. Moving out of the Bronx, back to maryland, into clinton hill, out of clinton hill, maybe/hopefully back to brooklyn eventually, constantly back and forth, it sucks. If I could see how many miles I've clocked in the last month it would make me want to hurl.

War of the Worlds coming out on friday, I can't wait to see Tom Cruise Kirk out when the aliens either squirt water in his face or suggest he take an advil for his headache. maybe Russell Crowe will make a cameo and go apeshit with a telephone and my roomate Rob will be in the background beating the shit out of Tony Danza. Maybe Chris Rock and Lil John will be there yelling "We live in the Club ... yeah!" over and over again.

Speaking of alien movies, I watched the end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind with my family last night. Or at least I tried to. I fell asleep during the climactic ending. I fell asleep on the couch, but the movie was so boring it would've put me to sleep in any position. I could be doing a headstand, running on a treadmill, fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin, or driving a bulldozer through a fancy restaraunt and that stupid movie would put me out like a light.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I just watched All the President's Men today. I was thinking about how these two dudes who worked at a newspaper and didn't even have cubicles, one a democrat and one a republican, just by doing their jobs brought down a President! Nixon was a real bastard too, supporting Pinochet's bloody coup and his military dictatorship, sending kids my age to go get killed in Vietnam, all that type of shit. I mean, of all the things to hold against him, forcing him to resign over Watergate was like putting Al Capone in jail over tax evasion. And these two reporters toppled him without ever realizing how far it would go when they started investigating this weird break-in.

The point is, in the movie their editor keeps them on the story instead of some more experienced political reporter because "they're hungry." Who's hungry now? I mean, so many kids I know getting out of college are almost afraid of being ambitious cause they've decided they want to be of the people or some shit. This girl I was talking to who graduated at the same time as me is gonna take her education and degree which cost thousands of dollars plus four years of her life and get a job walking dogs for some non-profit. When I told her I got a job downtown and was leaving the Bronx to go live closer in Brooklyn, she asked how I was gonna "live in solidarity with the poor?" What the hell is that? I know enough about poor people to know they don't get like that on purpose and they don't like it. If you want to stand up for something, stand up straight! Don't hide behind a bunch of roaches or the name of some hood you live in. It's funny, cause if they government has silenced the street by inundating it with drugs they've also silenced the middle class hippies by giving them an ivory tower in the ghetto to run to cause they're so afraid of getting an important enough job to make any loot.

I saw K-Swift at a factory party last night. Baltimore Club Music is like a musical sonic boom that keeps building up and building up to another buildup until you're exhasted but suddenly another beat kicks in that you got to dance to. Then you think hear Darth Vader's breathing in the background and before you know it everybody's jumping around to his theme song like a bunch of drunk wookies. The sound kept going out because of some cable but the crowd would always keep the beat alive by stomping and clapping and whooping. This party was nuts!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

So some fucker stole my rooomate's laptop, my Popeye the Sailor Man DVD, and my busted ass old roomate's discman with no battery cover. I think I got off easier than my roomate but now I gotta move again. Where can I go? I checked out an apartment in a house in Greenpoint that smelled like old wet clothes and had ceilings so low I couldn't stand up straight. Now I'm back on Craig's List again. I just never want to live with any more Brooklyn Country music cowboy-shirt wearing long-haired shitty job having starving artist goobers again! I think I might just try and get a loft or a 1 BR myself- you think somebody making 25 Gs a year can afford 1000 a month in rent? I dunno, maybe I'll find out though! I'd rather share with someone as long as they weren't ass-stupid or dodgy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Batman begins was cool. I like the way every time he talked to someone as batman he would yell everything and frown at them all pissed off like. as good as that movie was, it's nothing but a prelude to, or an interlude between Star Wars and: the Land of the Dead. Zombie movies are the greatest horror genre, and perhaps the best movies period. You can't fuck up a zombie movie, cause it isn't like Return of the Living Dead 3 isn't worth watching, even if on a totally different level than Night of the Living Dead.

I have Grand Theft Auto San Andreas now and I rule that world.

Yo, I knew Jacko was innocent. He's guilty of nothing but being rich and weird, and a little stupid. I hope that family that tried to rob him wasted every cent they never made on the lawyers and will be destitute forever.

I'll throw your cat in the ocean
buy your girlfriend some lotion
and pass you over for promotion in one quick stream-lined motion

cause I'm finally going to start my job.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

My bro sent me some kind of thing that's like a chain letter for blogs.
Total volume of music files on my computer: I don't know how much I had on my computer I used in college, but now I have no computer. I don't even have a TV so I have to go to this bar and drink $30 worth of beer every time I watch a Pistons game. None of my homies here in New York watch the NBA.

Last CD I bought was: I bought 2 CDs: The new White Stripes and The Maximo Park "A Certain Trigger" or something. I like the White Stripes alright but Fuck all this Franz Ferdinanded, Bloc Partying, Maximum Whatever English overproduced British wussRock. I hate it all, and I've wasted probably 30 bucks on it so far. I don't like the Louis the 14th or whatever either. In fact, since the White Stripes album is more full of xylaphones and triangles or whatever than electric guitar and I don't even know if it qualifies as rock, Fuck all Rock Music today.
Song playing right now: Nothing. I'm in a library.
Five songs I listen to a lot these days: Kanye West "School Spirit" I guess cause I just graduated. The secret track on the MIA album. That song on Black Mountain that has the little clapping, you know? Jay Z "Ain't no Love in the heart of the city." and last but not least, my favorite song so far this year, Ciara "Oh." I guess my stuff would be more up to date if I owned a computer, huh? The stuff on my bro's list, I haven't heard any of it.

I would send this along, but the only people I know with blogs, and the only blogs I ever read are either my brother's or the 5 people he sent it to. Some guy posted a comment on Tom's page saying he was sad that he didn't get sent this thing. If you're reading this, dude, wherever you are, feel free to go ahead and Do It!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

I went to the MCI center in DC last night and saw Tyson get beat by the champion of Ireland. If Tyson had won, would he be champion of Ireland now?
Muhammad Ali's daughter Laila beat some girl's ass in three rounds with her Dad sitting at ringside. She came out to "Girlfight" and tore the roof off. I think she could have taken Tyson.

I liked Iron Mike a lot better after listening him talk to the press after the fight. The Irish dude who won was totally bowled over to be getting so much attention, and after answering every question he would start babbling about "You got to beat the best to be the best - and I'm just willing to do that. I'd like to thank.... um, all the Irish mothers for [incomprehensible Irish gibberish.]" You could tell Tyson was just embarrassed to be there and totally give a shit about being famous. He was saying how he wanted to go be a missionary in Africa and this one reporter was like "what about all your debts to the government?" Tyson was just like "Shit, I don't have any money, if I get some money I'll pay them."

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Being back down in MD is fun. Man, I just wanna drive around these tree lines streets going the speed limit and playin happy southern music with the windows open all day! I love New York but I'm sick of wanting to yell at people for walking slow.

Hotel Rwanda and the HBO movie about the genocide called Sometimes in April both reminded me of zombie movies. Just in the way that there's one little place of refuge that's held under seige not by an army but by a whole world that's gone bloodthirty insane. And throughout the movie every time you get a glimpse of the outside it gets increasingly horrifying and closer. My friend Rob says that the remake of Dawn of the Dead was actually a parable for America. You know, how we tend to see the rest of the world as being out to kill us and contaminate us so we're holed up in a shopping mall either going bonkers or getting bored.

Props to Joe, Angela, Paul, and Megan for giving me a place to crash!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm reading Bob Dylan's book Chronicles. It's good, but he glosses over stuff too much. Like, Nashville Skyline is my favorite album of his and he just mentions it like "I made a country western album, whoa, that really messed with their heads!" I like the book though. It rambles a lot and doesn't have hardly any dialogue.

I heard a few songs off the new White Stripes album. It's all full of xylaphones and what not. When White Blood Cells came out, Jack White seemed like a pretty normal little dude that I could see myself having a cup of coffee and conversing with or something. Now he's some totally gnarly-ass creepy pencil thin mustache guy. What I heard was all actually pretty good but I don't know why he had to abandon his garage-blues thing to jump off the deep end into the weird pool. Apparently he just got married by a shaman in some little canoe in the amazon river or something. What has that got to do with anything?

Monday, June 06, 2005

The best music store I ever went into was this place called Waterloo in Austin. They didn't have any sections - all the music was together. You could tell what genre of music something was by a what color sticker was next to the artist's name, but everything was right there. Most of the time when I go to some too cool for school music store there are a million sections so I can't even find what I'm looking for if I'm not already really familiar with it. The way it was at Waterloo is the way it should be.

Last night I watched the first Rocky movie, First Blood. The whole thing plays out like a rampage on Grand Theft Auto, where you go from trying to jack a cop's car to seeing if you can live long enough to destroy enough stuff to get the FBI or maybe even the Army after you. It's a great movie. See it reminded me of this story a guy I met in DC told me. He had joined the army at 17 because some judge told him he could either enlist or go to jail for some piddling shit he had gotten in trouble for. When he was in Vietnam he was a demolitions expert, and if someone told him to blow up a building he would do it but only find out later who was in there. And after surviving for 2 years he came HOME and got called a Baby Killer. I met this dude at the largest homeless shelter in the world, and since I was a psychology student he wanted to know why he would sweat so much in his sleep and go into trances when he saw dolls or toys with arms and legs missing. This guy's story didn't have a beginning, a middle, or an end, it was just fucked up the whole way through.

So I found me a place in Ft Greene. No living room, but it's totally cheap and I like the neighboorhood. Can't wait to move in so I can sleep on a bed again.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

S0, here go my 2 most embarrasing racial encounters this year: First was a couple months ago when I was sitting outside my college talking with some girl. There are 2 black guys who drive the van, and when I saw one of them and said Hi I said the other black guy's name. That was real dumb, but it wasn't that embarrasing cause I don't think he heard me. The second one just today though, I was in a hardware store to get a couple keys copied. I needed help and I saw this guy with a clipboard and a work shirt on. He was a Latino dude with corn rows. So I went up and said I needed some keys copied and he looked at me and said real slow "I don't work here." I apologized and I guess he could tell I was real embarrased cause he was just like "that's okay." I still felt like a tool though. It's funny cause I took all these classes at school on multicultural psychology and the history of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and stuff and I think I had some pretty smart shit to say in those classes and all, but out on the street I'm still that white boy with his tail between his legs pretty often. At least I have a couple Ecko shirts now though.

Yesterday I woke up 1300 miles away from where I am now. That's right, batton down the mizzen-masts, motherfuckers, cause I'm back in New York! Yeah, and I'm officially no longer a college kid, now I'm part of the work force. I might not have a place to live yet, but I'm still fixing to King Kong this god damn town! And my brother's coming up to at the end of the summer, so we're getting ready to be like the 2 Rodans in this shit! Or at least like Godzilla and Angilus. We might not weigh in at much, but we measure in at a combined height of 13 and a half feet, so ya'll better be ready and prepared to get stomped into the Ground!..... by accident.