Saturday, May 28, 2005

Here in Texas I'm always dissapointed that I don't see more crazy country ass people. Last year we drove to Austin and along the way we stopped at this gas station where at night there were about a million billion crickets by the pumps. So many that you'd kill 2 or 3 with every step you took. And inside these old dudes were in the little quickie mart smoking cigarrettes and playing cards. Here in Houston though it's all just like one big old suburb in Maryland.

Went and saw Layer Cake last night. It was this British gangster movie. Whenever I see English movies the people I see them with are always like "What the fuck just happened?" But it's way easier for me to follow cause I used to live there. It's a cool movie, but it's about older people than Lock Stock or Snatch. It's the thinking man's British gangster movie. And I recognize the leading man, but I don't know where from. It's killing me inside.

My buddy and ex-roomate Rob and his girlfriend Joanna just went on their trip to Europe. Best of luck! My advice for people backpacking in Europe is to make plans but not to expect to stick to them, and to talk to everybody.

I didn't get the room in the loft in Greenpoint I wanted. I'm back on Craigs list again. I tried calling some dude who have a house in Carroll Gardens, but one of the people living there was 45. Fuck off, old people!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I'm in Houston now. Just ate some Goode Company Barbeque. Man, bbq in Texas ain't shit! You want a good place you gotta go to Dallas BBQ in New York. I like being in Texas though-maybe just cause there are flags everywhere. Whatever you think about this state and its politics, it has a hot flag.

We were driving back from this hotel in White Plains to Baltimore a couple nights ago. Driving through Westchester county is like being in that show Sliders, and never knowing if you're going to make it out of this shitty alternate reality back to your own dimension. The highways aren't labelled and even if you get directions a lot of the time people just point you in the opposite direction of wherever you want to be. I hate Westchester.

My parents got me a 12 string guitar for my graduation. This thing is so cool - even a really simple progression or whatever sounds all profound and otherworldly. Why don't more people play this thing? Every shitty rock band on earth seems to do a song or two on a steel guitar or a dobro and one time I even saw some weird German dude trying to rock on this dinky little travellers guitar that looked like a lyre. Get with it! More people need to rock the 12 string.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My friends Justin and Bobby made a short movie, The Holy Roller. Check it out at their website.

I've graduated. Yup

I just saw the new Star Wars. It's so fucking good my bones rattled. I don't wanna give anything away, but it's a big huge commentary on the war on terror, plus it's definately just good and exciting, even by the standards of the old Star Wars movies.

A couple days ago I went to some bar with my bro, his girlfriend, and a bunch of music writers my brother works with but had never met. After all the hooplah surrounding my graduation and all the talk about the future these people were the best for just sitting around bullshitting and drinking PBRs. Props to Sean who the next day hooked me and Tom up with some ridiculous discounts on some Ecko and G-Unit gear.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I heard the new single from the White Stripes. Sounds like Jack White isn't afraid of computers anymore. He's totally aping the dude from the Darkness with the way he's singing but I think if you gave Soundwave from Transformers an electric guitar that's how he would play. Good thing nobody reads this blog cause I'd hate to have some Michael Jackson looking weenie beat the shit out of me.

Speaking of which, I just realized my parents might be reading this, so the amount of cussing is a little embarrassing now. I'll have to try and keep it to a minimum.

So, I got a comment a few days back that I didn't even notice - keep them coming! If anyone aside from my bro is reading this, it'd be cool to know about it.

I'm looking on Craigs List for shares in Brooklyn now. Some of the people who post rooms seem cool, but some of them are all like "ARTIST wanted to live in Red Hook! You must be a forward thinking visionary! Ooooo! We need you to front 2300 bucks! Peace and Love!"

Sunday, May 15, 2005

So I'm at this party last night and this girl is showing pictures from her student teaching. She points to one girl and says"She called me a 'bitch' in Serbian," and I laughed so hard I spit beer on the guy next to me. I was a little wasted, but I still don't know why I though that was that funny.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Yo, my neighboorhood in the Bronx is the shit. I love it, but I'm moving out at the end of the month. Probly gonna go to Astoria just like every other fucker from Fordham. I got about 2 weeks to find a place to live, and I'm gonna be in Texas for half that time. Think I might end up crashing on some couches for a little while in June.

Had a long day at work yesterday, 9 to 5. PM to AM. Some dude I work with, a guy I'm friends with, he was riding one of the vans back home smashed. He actually tore out a piece of the center console as a joke or something. That makes it my job to tell on his ass. Feel like a jerk, but what'm I gonna do?
The crew team took one of the schools vans to some race in Philly and brought it back in a real mess. Food and bottles and shit all over the van, and they gave it back to us like that. When we realized how bad it was I called a bunch of kids on the team leaving messages how it's not our job to clean their shit up. One of them actually came in and took care of it. I gotta get crochity more often.

Friday, May 13, 2005

So, the band that I've listened to and still like for the longest, from way back before I even thought Marilyn Manson and all that bullshit was cool, was Rancid. I went out and picked up a couple of the albums I hadn't heard in years, and I was still listening to them once in a while, but until recently I was keeping them on the backburner.
Then the other day I'm in Queens, way the fuck out in Kew Gardens, almost Long Island. I had to go to court for some bullshit, cause I'd been sipping a Sparxxx as I was stepping into my buddy's place in Astoria. So I slept on someone's else in Queens's couch this last wednesday morning cause I don't want to make the long ass trek from the Bronx early in the morning, but it still takes me about an hour to get to this far flung fucking courthouse. Then I go into a dunkin donuts and grab myself breakfast and go to wait on this huge fucking line outside the criminal court. Thank god it's a nice day. Anyway, it's at about this point that I realize I don't have my phone. I run to all the places I've just been, and come to the conclusion that I got pickpocketed in Dunkin Donuts. So shit, fuck, there's nothing to do but go back to that big fucking line to go through the metal detectors. I'm standing on this line, being pissed about that fact that I didn't do shit wrong, and I'm in line with all these people who probably didn't do shit wrong (public urination, public drunkenness, protesting) and some fucker just stole my phone. That hot mamma I met last friday night - never gonna talk to her again! Verizon's gonna get more of my fucking money! And to top it off, the idiots in the line to get married are being moved along more quickly. Nothin to do but put my headphones and listen to Life Won't Wait.
The great thing about Rancid is that there are so many moments when you just have to drop whatever your doing and just throw your head back and start singing along. Even if you don't know the what the fuck Tim Armstrong is saying - "jaa tracha daa baa fuckiingg graa!" I'm listening to "Wrongful suspicion" and it's all "this one goes out to all our friends in New York .... I heard them fly a confederate flag, down at the statehouse .... they say I got some rights and I really shouldn't knock it" and I was back to being my happy go lucky self.
Then I finally got through the cocky courthouse cops and the metal detector, and the receptionist told me my summons has been dismissed. Big wasta time.

Yo, looking at what I've posted so far makes it look like I'm pissed off all the time. But that's not really the case.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Today at about 4 o'clock this big cement wall next to the Henry Hudson Parkway around 181st street in Manhattan collapsed all over the highway. Nobody got hurt, which is a fucking miracle. This is bullshit! I drive up that road multiple times a day with my job and I coulda got my ass killed. It's no big surprise either. They're always doing construction late at night where they close off a couple lanes and fuck up traffic, and then the next day when you drive by and see what they were doing, they were boarding up holes in the wall with plywood and 2 by 4s and shit. Dumb fuckers. They wanna spend all that money to build a west side stadium and they're holding the west side highway together with lumber from Home Depot. Fuck you, Bloomberg!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Okay, time to start posting shit for real. I made this blog and posted what I got so far in between shifts at my job.

My brother Tom has a blog, so I guess I'm just chomping his style here, but mine will be different. See, he's this music writer who writes for real magazines and pitchfork, and I'm just some dude. I'm not even gonna write much about music, cause I usually can't afford to buy a lot of CDs.

But! I went to the Rub party in Brooklyn on Saturday night. They were giving this CD out called "Going Back to Cali," and this shit is cool. They got a bunch of throwbacks and some brand new shit and the whole album is just perfect for driving up the Henry Hudson in a big ass van full of college kids on a nice day. I also got "It's the Motherfucking Remix" by the Rub and it's just awesome even though it's a little spotty. So if they make such good mix CDs, why does the Rub spin such candy-apple shit when you go to their parties? Like, I was expecting them to dump a bunch of glitter into the crowd and start blowing kisses or something, with the cheesy-ass 80s soul or whatever they were playing. It was the second time I saw them, but I guess the first time I was too wasted to notice. I will say this though, the Rub party is a good place to meet chicks, and maybe it's only because of the bullshit they play. I dunno

I graduate college in a week and a half, and I'm sitting here about to do my last take home. I'm so ready to be out of here, when I came in the library and I got to the thing where you swipe your student ID to get in, I swiped a metrocard.
I got a job lined up, but no apartment yet. I put my apartment in the Bronx up on Craig's list cause I'm moving out at the end of the month, and I've gotten about a million gadjillion replies. Makes me wonder how the hell I'm gonna find a place off there.

It's blog time baby

Here goes my blog, Eat Something. It's not about food.

Bunch of Crap

This blog shit is complicated. How do I link to other blogs? And how do I get rid of the shit on the right side of the screen, my profile and all that? Bunch of crap